Card Meaning: Six Of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles


   This card is the natural follow-up of the Five of Pentacles. After the troubled times described in the Five of Pentacles; it is natural that after learning the lessons and changing the situation for the better, one can develop generosity to help those in need. The man on the card, obviously well-situated person, maybe a merchant, is doing just that; distributing his wealth to those not so lucky. But beaware there is a scale in his hand. He is not just giving away his possesions without any consideration. The balance is a clear indication that he is well aware not everyone can be or even should be helped. It is not just your possesions that you can give, it's also time and energy that can be well represented by the Six of Pentacles.


Positive:, charity, generosity, patronage, gifts, philanthropy.

Negative: avarice, miserliness, envy, theft, carelessness.

   A person in the guise of a merchant weighs money in a pair of scales and distributes it to the needy and distressed. It is a testimony to his own success in life, as well as to his goodness of heart. Divinatory Meanings: Presents, gifts, gratification another account says attention, vigilance now is the accepted time, present prosperity, etc. Reversed: Desire, cupidity, envy, jealousy, illusion.

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, by A.E. Waite

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