Card Meaning: Five Of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles


   The scenery on this card is obviously not an optimistic one. These two persons have passed through some kind of material loss. But before every material loss there is some kind of spiritual loss, they are not here without reason. There is the church window decorated with pentacles, symbolizing possible help that these two figures can recieve but they are totally unaware of it. They seem too absorbed with the situation they are in and they are just passing by the window. Their situation is a really dire one, further accented by the state of their bodies. They are in a situation of a serious physical detriment. The two figures are together on the card but it seems that there is no visible connection between the two, they are not acting as a group but rather as individuals, maybe there is also a theme of some kind of rejection and solitude here. The bell around the man's neck shows that the issue presented by this card can't be ignored. There is no runaway from this situation. Although the situation is a disappointing one, the window shows that there is always some hope and help. It is important to remember that problems have their roots in the non-material existence, inspect your emotions, attachments and thinking.


Positive:, no positive sides, maybe just some hint that we turn around us when in the trouble and see if there is any help around that we ignore.

Negative: financial and material trouble, unemployment, poverty, hard times, focusing on the problems while ignoring the solution.

   Two mendicants in a snow-storm pass a lighted casement. ted casement. Divinatory Meanings: The card foretells material trouble above all, whether in the form illustrated--that is, destitution--or otherwise. For some cartomancists, it is a card of love and lovers-wife, husband, friend, mistress; also concordance, affinities. These alternatives cannot be harmonized. Reversed: Disorder, chaos, ruin, discord, profligacy.

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, by A.E. Waite

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