After rather interesting outcome of MH370 reading I have decided to have a look on this case.

Ukraine crisis

Present position, represents querent

King Of Pentacles (reversed)

Reversed King Of Pentacles certainly represent some kind of a corrupt person. Tyrannical behaviour is in the focus here. Conclusion who could behave like that in this case I leave to a reader.

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Immediate influence, crosses querent

Ace Of Wands (reversed)

Minor disputes are light motif of this card, broken relationship are also signified. Maybe breaking up of the USSR and parting of the way between Ukraine and Russia? Probably so.

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Destiny, goal

XII The Hanged Man (reversed)

But now a change of perception is needed. Situation is changed and everyone needs to adapt. Outmoded ways of behaviour characteristic for the Soviet era relations needs to be replaced with a more humane attitude.

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Distant past influence

Eight Of Pentacles

Distant influence shown in this card as I see it is economic and industrial connection between these two ex-USSR states. People should keep in mind that this conflict could end in a disaster for both sides.

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Recent past events

Six Of Cups (reversed)

This card could be a good sign for the possible truce. Opportunities are coming and it is time for a cool head.

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Knight Of Swords (reversed)

But!!! It will be difficult. Conceit and deceit are present. Politicians are very vain and presuming.

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Querent's perspective, attitude

Nine Of Wands

Dangerous card in this context but I don't belive in a full scale long term conflict anyway. In this context it is implying that both sides are going in this conflict bigheaded expecting difficulties but also expecting to win at the end. Slim chances for an easy compromise but on the other side no WW3 either.

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Enviromental factors, influence of others upon querent

Four Of Wands (reversed)

Again, conflict but no war. It will take time to totally pacify situation.

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Ideal hope, inner desire

Queen Of Swords (reversed)

I belive there is no better card for this place in this situation than this Queen Of Swords. Increased awarness through suffering is the name of the game here. After initial losses this is a good sign that people will understand that there is no point in killing people.

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Summary, final resalt

Seven Of Pentacles (reversed)

Unfortunately this card very clearly predicts bankruptcy. All this talks about sanctions will become true and it will be terrible blow for Russia, Ukraine and the whole Europe.

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