This is the first in the line of articles or better say experiments in consciously questioning fluctuations of the zero point field or if you like it more; tapping the intuition with a help of the Tarot.

Destiny of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Present position, represents querent

Nine of Cups

The first card is almost too obvious to comment. Sorrow, grief, mental anguish of families of the passengers are condensed in the symbolism of this card. This is truely the signifcator of this question.

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Immediate influence, crosses querent

II The High Priestess

There is a secret behind this question. And this also is too obvious! Where is the plane?

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Destiny, goal

XVIII The Moon (reversed)

Here things become more tricky. Another secretive card on the destiny spot. But this card is reversed, rather dark, it is a sign that there is a clandestine agenda going around here. Things definitely are not what they seem to be.

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Distant past influence

Ace Of Swords (reversed)

This is a good spot in the spred to learn something about a motivation and happenings behind the scene. Here is again a disturbing motif of a misuse of power. Maybe a hint for terrorism?

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Recent past events

Knight Of Cups (reversed)

And after all that in this reversed card we see a clear sign of a trickery and lies. Reversed Knight Of Cups implies that somebody has been lying to us about this flight.

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Five Of Cups

What can we expect in the future? Unfortunately more sorrow and more grief. All this probably will not end in laughter and relief.

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Querent's perspective, attitude

Three of Pentacles

Three of pentacles is a sign of a teamwork. Here, it is not so clear where it does apply, maybe hint of a joint effort to conceal the true nature of happenings, whoever tried to conceal the truth this card certainly suggest some sort of success in that dirty deed.

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Enviromental factors, influence of others upon querent

Two Of Wands (reversed)

Another bad omen. Obviously not even people that are responsible for monitoring the skies and have all necessary equipment are not at the level to take down a veil. That is certainly visibile just by watching news on TV about this missing flight.

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Ideal hope, inner desire

King Of Cups (reversed)

Another sign that points out that behind all that are unscrupulous people.

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Summary, final result

XVI The Tower

Very, very interesting end. It implies some sort of a earth shaking moment when truth comes to light. Or maybe just crumbling of the culprit destiny.

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