Card Meaning: Six Of Wands

Six of Wands


   This card talks about victory, plain and simple. See this person riding proudly on his white horse with laurel wreath while people cheering him. This is the image of the champions. This card guarantees that you will achieve what you have planned but be aware of the lessons from the other cards, especially from the cards in the Major Arcana. The Wheel of Fortune tells us that a victor can easily become a loser and vice versa. Be modest and be righteous.


Positive: advancement, good news, courage, victory through effort, triumph, acclaim.

Negative: suspicion, delayed news, fear, dissapointment, anxiety, beaware of the pride.

   A laurelled horseman bears one staff adorned with a laurel crown; footmen with staves are at his side. Divinatory Meanings: The card has been so designed that it can cover several significations; on the surface, it is a victor triumphing, but it is also great news, such as might be carried in state by the King's courier; it is expectation crowned with its own desire, the crown of hope, and so forth. Reversed: Apprehension, fear, as of a victorious enemy at the gate; treachery, disloyalty, as of gates being opened to the enemy; also indefinite delay.

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, by A.E. Waite

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