Card Meaning: Page Of Wands

Page of Wands

Element: Fire.
Astrology: Leo, Aries and Sagittarius.
Age: child.
Appearance: brown hair, blue or brown eyes.


  Young, playful energy of this page combined with fiery profile of the Wands suit give us an imaginative, creative being full of enthusiasm and always ready to embark on some adventure or to try something new. Its creative nature can even mean a birth of a child, but more likely some kind of project, concept or idea is going to enter your life. This energy is more about playing than serious work so don't expect too much, but nevertheless it can change your attitude towards the life by that sheer amount of energy that it brings. This card has the power to bring freshness to your life, rejuvenation of a kind and some good news. When this card appears trust your imagination no matter how strange it is to find the solution to your problem. This card also bears an ethical tone, the Page of Wands is very loyal and faithful.


Positive: ambitious, bears news, willing to take risks, messages, communications, new beginnings, energetic, active, adventurous.

Negative: bad news, indecision, reluctance, lightheadedness, gossip.

   In a scene similar to the former, a young man stands in the act of proclamation. He is unknown but faithful, and his tidings are strange. Divinatory Meanings: Dark young man, faithful, a lover, an envoy, a postman. Beside a man, he will bear favourable testimony concerning him. A dangerous rival, if followed by the Page of Cups. Has the chief qualities of his suit. He may signify family intelligence. Reversed: Anecdotes, announcements, evil news. Also indecision and the instability which accompanies it.

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, by A.E. Waite

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