Mantegna Tarocchi/Baldini Cards

  The Mantegna Tarocchi is named after its supposed author Andrea Mantegna, an Italian painter. Baccio Baldini, a Florentine engraver was the second person considered as an author so his name is also used in the modern name of this deck.  Today, it is not believed anymore that any of these two artist engraved this deck.

  There are two different sets of master prints in engraving with 50 images each. Their origin is 15th century (probably Ferrara, Italy around 1460) and are probably made by two different artist. These two sets are today called E-series Tarocchi Cards and S-series Tarocchi Card. The decks are probably an educational aid for upper class children and were not used as a divination tool or playing cards. Some of the cards though are very similar in names and imagery to the Tarot cards but the majority have no connection with some more traditional Tarot decks like the Tarot de Marseille.

Mantegna Tarocchi S-series and E-series