Card Meaning: Three Of Wands

Three of Wands


   This is a natural progression of the Two of Wands. Here, the figure is leaning on the wand while gazing on the fleet of ships below him, probably his acquisition. Again, he is standing on a high ground, here, he has outlook he hasn't had before, this position portrays his achievment. Here is the man that has traveled a long way from the beginnings of his vision and now he is contently looking down at his rewards. It is good to notice that the wands on this card are serving as a support and help. This is a person who ventures on his adventure alone, but through help along the way, partnership and effort overcomes hardships and enjoyes his reward.


Positive: conviction, commerce, partnerships, assistance, travel, venture, trade, enjoying results of one's effort.

Negative: obstinacy, frustration, impatience, arrogance, ulterior motive, possible betrayal, talents wasted.

   A calm, stately personage, with his back turned, looking from a cliff's edge at ships passing over the sea. Three staves are planted in the ground, and he leans slightly on one of them. Divinatory Meanings: He symbolizes established strength, enterprise, effort, trade, commerce, discovery; those are his ships, bearing his merchandise, which are sailing over the sea. The card also signifies able co-operation in business, as if the successful merchant prince were looking from his side towards yours with a view to help you. Reversed: The end of troubles, suspension or cessation of adversity, toil and disappointment.

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, by A.E. Waite

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