Card Meaning: Seven Of Swords

Seven of Swords


   The swords cut both ways and so the Swords suit. This is another double-edged card in that suit. We see person that obviously steals from what seems is a military camp. Steeling is a tricky thing if you get caught but even more if you steal from people that can seriously hurt. you. We don't know is he caught or not, maybe this kind of deed has proven profitable for him. He obviously doesn't look too worried, we see rather reckless expression on his face. His steal or victory shall we rather call it, for sure is not complete, we see that he has left two swords behind indicating that through trickery and theft one could never achive total and lasting victory. Also these two swords indicate that the trickster is not applying enough effort or he would take all swords leaving nothing behind, clearly there is some sort of laziness in all this. Be aware of cheating yourself into victory, there are other ways to win, trying to save the energy on short-term by the unethical means only postpone the problems on the long-term and make them harder to handle. The decisions signified by this card usually are taken recklessly, hasty and without full knowledge about the potential risks. Interesting detail is that trickster is wearing five swords in his hands, connection with the Five of Swords - possible defeat.


Positive: diligence, partial success, thinking outside of the box, confidence, endeavor.

Negative: indecision, acting without honor, confusion, theft in progress, deceit, betrayal, deception, somebody is working against you behind your back.

  A man in the act of carrying away five swords rapidly; the two others of the card remain stuck in the ground. A camp is close at hand. your back .ry Meanings: Design, attempt, wish, hope, confidence; also quarrelling, a plan that may fail, annoyance. The design is uncertain in its import, because the significations are widely at variance with each other. Reversed: Good advice, counsel, instruction, slander, babbling.

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, by A.E. Waite

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