Card Meaning: Page Of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles

Element: Earth.
Astrology: Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn.
Age: child.
Appearance: brown hair, brown/dark eyes.


  The youth of the page card combined with the maturity of the pentacles suit offers an interesting combination of a young person of a responsible and industrious nature. If it manifests in your life as a person, it will be more wise than years will suggests. If news, it will be about immediate material gain. Maybe you will recieve some good news about your career or some other financial gain. As an Earth card he is using common sense rather than intuition, reason is for him more valuable than emotion or enthusiasm that may have no basis in the reality.


Positive: bears news, scholarly, practical, down-to-earth person, ready for a hard work.

Negative: careful money management is required.

   A youthful figure, looking intently at the pentacle which hovers over his raised hands. He moves slowly, insensible of that which is about him. Divinatory Meanings: Application, study, scholarship, reflection another reading says news, messages and the bringer thereof; also rule, management. Reversed: Prodigality, dissipation, liberality, luxury; unfavourable news.

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, by A.E. Waite

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