Card Meaning: Ace Of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles


   The Ace of Pentacles contains the very essence of the earth element. It is the foundation of every material/financial success in this suit. But just as the rest of the aces, beeing the seed of the element, it too can only give an initative and good foundation. The rest depends upon the structure that is built upon the base. The earth element moves slow so the progress maybe won't be quick but if we preserve in our efforts, success is sure to come. Imagery of this card is also significant. We see the white flowers as a positive omen along the path through the gates that symbolically represents the gates of success, a good fortune and the new opportunities. Beyond the gate a rather familiar motif, the blue mountains is a common scene in the Major Arcana and it is always a promise of an advancement and achievement. The mountains in this card are in the distance, clearly suggesting that Ace Of Pentacles is a good indication and the good start, not the end of the path. The hand that offers the coin is reaching out of the cloud, suggesting that sometimes this card offers suprises in the form of unexpected gains like inheritance or some kind of an unexpected encounter with influential people.


Positive: material security, wealth, beginning of a financial gain, attainment, change for the better, new opportunities, new connections.

Negative: greed and corruption, looking in the material realm for lasting happiness, dissappointment, lack of money.

  A hand--issuing, as usual, from a cloud--holds up a pentacle. Divinatory Meanings: Perfect contentment, felicity, ecstasy; also speedy intelligence; gold. Reversed: The evil side of wealth, bad intelligence; also great riches. In any case it shews prosperity, comfortable material conditions, but whether these are of advantage to the possessor will depend on whether the card is reversed or not.

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, by A.E. Waite

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